BIKE WEEK FAQ & Best Practices

Other Considerations

Organizing a ride?

  • Because we all have different interests and abilities, establishing the type of ride you wish to host and being explicit about the riding style when advertising your ride helps the public decide what kind of Bike Week events will be most accommodating. Is your ride fast-paced, moderately-paced, family-friendly, perhaps "no-drop?" (In the spirit of moving Wisconsin Forward by Bike, we strongly encourage all rides to be no-drop rides.

  • When hosting rides, plan for the appropriate amount of traffic and keep everyone safe.

    • If you’re setting up an event near a bike or mixed-used path, treat the path like a road and keep it clear at all times.

    • If planning a ride carefully chart your course ahead of time to avoid any road closures, one-ways, or poor treacherous road conditions.

    • If planning a ride, provide a map of the route ahead of time (Google My Maps is a great FREE tool). Include your contact information and any information on supporting services like ride mechanic support contact, and the names and numbers of other members who are acting as ride support.

    • Keep a first aid kit on hand for any rides you organize

    • If your intent is to host a family-friendly gentle pace ride you may have riders that are afraid of riding in the road or are not used to riding in large groups. If possible, A helpful hint is a possible try to avoid making left turns on busier roadways with your group. If you have to do this, make sure your rear ride support is there to slow or block traffic first before the ride leaders guide riders merging and or turning left.

Organizing Commuter Stations

A bicycle commuter station generally consists of a tent, table, and volunteers set up along a popular bike route or a location that may be an emerging bike route. Whether you are a regular commuter, a veteran, or somewhere in between, commuter stations celebrate and encourage people who choose to get places by bike!

Get more tips on organizing a commuter station HERE!

REMEMBER to abide by all of the rules of the road. You and your participants are personally responsible for your own safety. See Wisconsin State laws and safety tips on cycling HERE